Shower Me With Your Love

Shower Me With Your Love
"...we don't need no piece of paper from the city hall, keeping us tried and true..."

Saturday, February 2, 2013

i'm still here. the latest best of 2012, or I HATE BEING ON THE INTERNET ALL DAY so I try not to be...

every morning i wake up next to belinda i'm blessed. smiling. living the dream. floating on this cloud. worry-free. content. relaxed. motivated to be happy and breath. just me, my new wife and our family. in brooklyn. nothing can stop us.

i'm busy with work (employee of the year right here, ya heard), digging through jazz records, reading classic literature, running, and penning lyrics.  i've been using my noodle and creative ambition to write in song with my new outfit FAKE HOOKER. we are pressing a piece of vinyl (a full length to be exact) by the summer. playing plenty of shows to boot. it's been a minute since i've blogged. almost a year... i still love football (always looking for someone to play catch). i'm getting a lot more tattoos. staying in shape. shooting a decent game of pool and trying to bowl with some consistency--all usually with a beer in hand and a beautiful woman on my sleeve. my best friend. i live that cliche gladly each day--her goodwill and happiness forever imbedded in my conscience and forthcoming days. speaking of females, nelly is old and happy and in fantastic health herself. she and dahm have it nice, as we are just blocks from a leashless dog park. i'm the same old b. still cut a rug. animated. passionate. loud. demanding. respectful. still over analyze anything and scratch your back with the utmost hope that you would scratch mine if i need it. be easy and keep up with me folks.

in no particular order (well not really) the best 32 albums of 2012...

oddisee-people hear what they see

kendrick lamar-good kid, m.A.A.d. city
killer mike-r.a.p. music
tame impala-lonerism
action bronson-blue chips
nas-life is good
ma_DOOM-son of yvonne
mrs. glass-still unreleased
sharon van etten-tramp
frank ocean-channel orange
typhoon-hunger and thirst
flying lotus-until the quiet comes
gary clark jr-blak and blu
jj DOOM-keys to the cuffs
east cameron folkcore-the sun also rises
bavu blakes-SANCT
big k.r.i.t.-live from the underground
kydd jones-t.s.i.m.h pt. 2
big boi-v.l.a.d.r.
the men-open your heart
rapsody-the idea of beautiful
aesop rock-skelethon
divine fits-a thing called divine fits
cloud nothings-attack on memory
little dragon-ritualunion
nicknack-state machine
skyzoo-a dream deferred
the oh sees-putrifiers II
delta spirit-ode to sunshine
common-the dreamer, the believer

***SOME SHIT I HEARD FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 2012 <never embarrassed to admit it> and ABSOLUTELY LOVED***

star fucking hipsters-until we're dead

dead man's bones-self-titled
mclusky-the difference between me and you is that i'm not on fire
the pimps of joy time-high steppin'
rodriguez-complete fact
hugh masekela-the boy's doin' it
big sir-self-titled
lou reed-transformer
eric dolphy and booker little-live at the five spot

thanks for reading. please tell me if you disagree and/or what i am still sleeping on.  it's so hard to keep up if you aren't on the internet all day. i HATE being on the internet all day.  but i will continue to try and keep up. and simultaneously create the best art that i ever have. ever. we're goin' in. how we ball.

peace and love